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Tichenor Furniture Services

Furniture Repair & Refinishing


We  offer a wide range of services in our woodworking department ranging from regluing to total rebuilds, minor touch-up, and scratch repair, to total refinishing; safely removing all old  finishes to reveal the natural grain of your furniture.  Our craftsmen can rejuvenate your furniture to restore and enhance its natural beauty and strength.

We repair a variety of  defects including:

-Water Rings                       -Nicks

-Moving Damage              -Dents

-Broken Joints                  -Scratches

-Regluing                          -Pet Damage

-Smoke and Water Damage


Our Craftsmen can also replicate and reproduce missing or broken parts and pieces to complete the finished look of your furniture.
Some of the services can be performed in your home by our expert in-home technician.
This is not a complete list of our services.  If you have any questions or would like a free estimate , please contact us.



Location and Contact Us

We can also enhance your furniture to a new appearance with:
-Buffing and Polishing    -Color Matching
-Color Touch-Up            -Refinishing
-Color changing to match new furnishings